Card Readings & Guidance

Program Packages

Issues to work with:

*Finding it hard to make decisions or deal with change

*Starting a wellness and healing journey

*Seeking a deeper relationship with self

*Curious about the universe and the mind/body connection

*General confusion – requiring general guidance

*Mental and emotional difficulties

*Career guidance

*Self esteem issues

*General anxiety & depressive feelings

*Image support

*Motivational / procrastination issues

*Stress and workplace burnout

*Life coaching & goal setting

*Addressing limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging

*Breaking life patterns

*Mindset coaching

Together we will:

  • Work on your health wellness goals and concerns by making small step by step sustainable changes
  • Uncover and understand yourself as a whole and integrate all parts of you
  • Figure out your own unique needs and accept & allow healing
  • Clear blocks and break through old habits
  • Transform your energy and therefore life projection