Suzana Flores & services

Looking for counselling with a twist !

I believe that healing is a holistic journey which involves a variety of modalities. There is no one way, fits all, and there is no one modality that will create total healing. Therefore I aim to involve a variety of modalities into a program. This program is co-created through a person centred approach.

I am a qualified counsellor who has specialised in career counselling and conducting needs and impairment assessments. I also have always had an interested in intuitive modalities including Reiki, channelling and card readings.

The application and connection of intuitive counselling allows the unconscious to be known, and worked on. I hold space for transformation of energy to take place, while you show up for your own healing journey.

Through the exploration of your current energy – you can understand your blocks and to begin to empower yourself to make any required changes. Everything is energy – transforming energy is where the magic happens.

Talking therapy allows for acknowledgment and releasing, and Reiki provides balance and expansion. Cards can be used in a variety of ways, not merely as a form of divination. They channel your course of healing, and can be an instigator for your true emotions and issues. Basically, they reveal your current energy, your desires and your hidden issues.

Seeking assistance is very courageous and allows you to take a step forward. The mind, body and soul are amazing, and want to work for you, if you allow yourself, otherwise, that which you resist – will persist.

I offer a person-centred approach to counselling and healing, and my packages and services allow you to make your own choices. With my empathetic nature and kind soul, I provide a non-judgmental service and hold the space for you.

My moto is – ‘change your energy – change your outcome’!

After years of digging deep into the shadows of uncertainty, I can now offer my learnings and skill set.

Terms & Conditions:

Require a 24 hour cancellation notice prior to appointment changes

All fees are paid in advance via bank transfer (payment plans can be made for programs)